【LOG】Pre-arrival service (Finding nursery school) / 来日前サービス(保育施設探し)

We got an inquiry from family in Indonesia about nursery school.
We explained about the differences among nursery schools, kindergartens and certified child care centers in Kyoto and we noticed about procedures.



Kyotori’s Tips: Documents required for nursery school admission

Certain conditions are required for the child to enroll in nursery school. Nursery schools give priority to children from families with higher childcare needs. For more precise understanding of each family, Kyoto City requires you to submit the following documents when applying to a nursery school.

1 Application for approval and use of childcare service
Filling in information such as income and employment status of family members, family makeup in detail.

2 Petition for use of childcare service
Filling in the reason why you need childcare services. Write down which of the following categories you fit into.
•Working more than 48 hours a month
•Currently being pregnant or within two months of giving birth
•Parents/Guardian(s) are sick or disabled
•Currently giving nursing care to family members
•Recovering from disaster
•Seeking a job
•Attending school(s)

3 Supporting documents to justify above reasons
Submit document(s) which justify the reasons mentioned above

参考(公益財団法人 京都市国際交流協会 2018 きょうと多文化子育てハンドブック)

京オリからのヒント: 保育園入園申し込み書類について