【LOG】Finding kindergarten and preparation assistance package /幼稚園入園のお手伝い(パッケージ)

We got an inquiry about kindergarten from family just arrived Kyoto with their child. We passed a family a list of kindergartens which are close to their house including school size and atmosphere, and called and visited several kindergartens together. We help family schedule interviews with kindergarten, fill out application forms, read school guidebooks, and interpret and translate information about school schedules, activities, rules and meals at school orientation.
The child is going to the kindergarten from this coming April. We will also continue our support for couple of months. We hope the family will experience good time in Kyoto!

お子様は、この4月から幼稚園に通います。その後の数ヶ月間も京都オリエンテーションはサポートを続けます。 ご家族が京都で楽しい時間を過ごすことができますように、私たちも精一杯サポートいたします!