【Log】Assisted house-moving procedures / 国内の引っ越しに関わる手続きサポート

We assisted a family house-moving in Japan.

When you move house in Japan, you have to deal with a number of applications and notifications in addition to packing up and sending your belongings. It is so easy to forget those applications and notifications and we made checklist what applications and notifications you should file when you move house in Japan.


Moving home and relocating in Japan Checklist

Month Before (1ヶ月前~)
  • Find new house / Contract
  • Inform your landlord of your move-out date
  • Research moving companies
  • Recycle or dispose of your stuff
  • Contact Internet Provider
  • Inform child’s school
  • 新居探し / 契約
  • 不動産の管理会社へ解約通知
  • 引っ越し業者探し
  • 大型ゴミの処理・リサイクル
  • インターネットプロバイダの手続き
  • 学校転校手続き
1-2 Weeks before (1~2週間前)
  • Hand in your health insurance card (保険証, hoken shou) to your employer, and have them issue a certificate of leaving their employment.
  • 健康保険証を雇用主へ返す
Cancel/change the address of all your utilities

  • electricity,
  • gas,
  • water
  • telephone (116)
  • mobile
  • insurance
  • NHK
  • Bank accounts
  • Credit cards
  • Services (Change/ cancel)
  • Hospital/Clinic/Pharmacy
  • Deliveries Services

  •  電気
  • ガス
  • 水道
  • 電話 (116)
  • 携帯電話
  • 加入している保険
  • NHK
  • 銀行口座
  • クレジットカード
  • 各種サービスの解約移転
  • 病院、診療所、薬局
  • 配達サービス
  • Apply for a mail redirection at post office. Tell the post office you’re moving and give them your new address.
  • 郵便局転居届
  • Notice of Moving Out at city/ward office

□My Individual number
□Seal registration
□Medical insurance
□Nursing care insurance
□National Health Insurance
□National Pension

  • 転出届の申請


At your new place
  • Moving-in notification at city hall  (You will need to bring three items: your Residence Card, Notice of Moving Out (転出届, tenshutsu todoke) from your previous ward office, and My Number Card (plastic card) or My Number Notification (Paper version).

□My Individual number
□Seal registration
□Medical insurance
□Nursing care insurance
□National Pension

  • 転入届(在留カード、転出届、マイナンバー持参)


  • Change your driving license address at the nearest police station or driver’s license center.
  • 運転免許の住所変更
  • Residence Card
  • 在留カード