Our clients’ reviews and testimonies / お客様の声

Customized Hourly Service

“I used the Service when my child was getting immunization shots. Although I had to read and write vaccination coupons in Japanese, with a coordinator’s assistance I got everything done quickly and with less stress.” (Egyptian family of 3)


Customized Hourly Service 

“Megumi lead us to a drugstore. Finding the right detergent and soap for my son was a problem since he has atopy. She asked the store staff and soon I could get the right ones.” (Ethiopian family of 4)


Customized Package Service

家族“I was very worried to start a new life with my small children. Searching for a kindergarten for my children was a major worry. But with the assistance, everything was smooth, such as the enrollment procedure, and buying and preparing school items. My children come home with lots of announcements from school but I can always ask a Kyoto Orientation coordinator to help understand them.” (Australasian family of four)


Customized Package Service

“Megumi is indeed very professional towards the customer. She tried very best to make us happy. She has been very patient listened and understand our need. She helped us find suitable nursery for my girl by understanding what we were looking for. Also she made my wife feel welcome in Kyoto by inviting her to social events and even taking her for coffee during the process.” (Malaysian family of four)


Customized Package Service

家族“It is our first time living abroad and we used the all in one service package. We could set up utilities soon after arriving in our new house and they provided the bare necessities on the first day. I could also concentrate on my work from the day one and I could quickly find the right nursery that was close to my office for my two children.” (Australian family of 4)


Translation Service

“Thank you. I will definitely let you know in case we need any further translations!” (British researcher)



Translation Service

“I was referred to Megumi by a coworker and she was fantastic. If you need a professional, there is no one better. “ (Germany family of 3) 


Interpretation Services

” I engaged Kyoto Orientation services as I was facing challenges in communicating with medical staffs visiting my house for my family’s care. Every week Megumi visited us to offer interpretation service at home. Thank you for always being bright and cheerful. You were a big help to us.” (American family of 3)


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