Translation Services / 翻訳サービス

Translation Services (Japanese-English) 

翻訳・通訳サービス 日本語はこちら >>

Kyoto Orientation’s translation services supports non-Japanese speaking families, staff, and communities in Kyoto City by translating key material related to the children and education. We strive to offer the best, most professional document translation services available.

| Our document translation services cover:

  • Certificates and records (including birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, certificate of degree, certificate of residence, family registers, resident cards, tax certificates, affidavit for marriage, medical records, etc.)
  • government letters, notices, and fliers
  • kindergarten, nursery, school site-specific letters, PTA letters, notices, and fliers
  • personal letters
  • other family, children and education related texts and documents

| Translation Certificates

We also offer free Translation Certificates upon request.

| Rates for translations

Most jobs are charged based on the number of Japanese characters to be translated into English, or on the number of English words to be translated into Japanese.

  • Japanese → English  15 yen- per Japanese character
  • English → Japanese  20 yen- per word

 | Procedure 

1. Contact us by email or fill out our contact form  for a translation estimate.
 Contact Us >>  

2. Make the estimate Send us an email with an attachment of scans / pics of original documents or Word / PDF documents. After we receive the document we give you a quote.

3. Application When you agree to the quote we will start translation. 

4. Customer Check of the Translation Before we deliver the final product to you, we shall attach the translation in an email and send it to you for you to check over. We will then wait for you to get back to us.
If the translation is acceptable we will sign it, affix the Certificate of Translation with the translation and deliver it to you. For documents requiring notarization, we can have your translation notarized for you.

5. Delivery We will send you the finished translation by post or e-mail according to what is specified in your order.

6. Payment Payable by bank transfer, PayPal or in cash.

| Notarization Services

For documents requiring notarization, we can have your translation notarized for you. Notary public charge a standard fee of ¥11,500 (tax-free) per notarization (multiple documents can be covered in one notarization), plus ¥8,000 that we charge to visit the notary office and have your document notarized. Your translated document will be attached to the original Japanese document, along with a notarization certificate signed by both the translator and notary public.
In most situations, a simple Certificate of Translation (which we provide for free) is all that is necessary, but certain visa applications, marriage declarations, banking matters, etc., require notarization, so please confirm what documentation is necessary before placing your order.




| 翻訳文書

  • 出生証明書、婚姻届、離婚届、学位授与証明書、住民票、戸籍謄本、在留カード、納税証明書、婚姻要件具備証明書、診療治療歴など
  • 市町村役所からのお知らせ、通知、およびチラシ
  • 幼稚園、保育園、学校現場からの連絡、通知
  • 先生や職場の上司などへの手紙・メッセージ
  • その他、家族・子ども・子育て・健康・教育・PTA関連の書類など


| 料金


  • 日本語→英語 15円- / 日本語1文字
  • 英語→日本語 20円- / 1単語

| ご利用方法

1. お問い合わせ 電子メールで、または、お問い合わせフォームにてお気軽にお問い合わせください。
 Contact Us >> 

2. 見積もり 翻訳が必要な文書を、電子メールに添付してお送りください。(スキャンした画像、写真、またはWord、PDF文書)

3. お申し込み

4. お客様による翻訳内容のご確認 最終的な翻訳文書を納品する前に、電子メールで翻訳文書を添付します。ご確認ください。翻訳証明書が必要な場合にはご確認いただいた後、添付して納品いたします。

5. 納品 指定された内容に応じて、郵送または電子メールで完成した翻訳内容を納品いたします。

6. お支払い 銀行振込、PayPal、また現金でお支払いください。

| 公証役場での公証取得サービス

戸籍謄本や出生証明などの公文書の提出の際に、提出先や目的によっては翻訳の「公証」を必要とする場合もあります。お客様の翻訳が公証(notarization, notarials)を必要とするかどうかご確認ください。翻訳の公証では、翻訳を担当した翻訳者自身が公証役場に出向いて、自身に翻訳する能力があること、そして誠実に翻訳したことを公証人の面前で宣誓します。そして翻訳者と公証人がともに署名をして、この宣誓書に翻訳物を添付して認証書類とします。